Learning English Tips

June 2022 ‘Learn English Together 2022’

Come to a three-day English fluency event! It takes place online, and you can also get gifts and bonuses to help you with your English speaking and conversation. Read on… Discover your path to English fluency If you’ve felt ‘stuck’ with English, ‘Learn English Together’ will help you. You’ll get:– ways to improve your English–… Read More

5 Signs You Are Fluent In English

Fluency is difficult to define, because it means different things to different people. But there are some things that show you when you’re becoming more fluent in English. Here are five signs that your spoken English is improving. If they’re true for you, then you know that you’re definitely getting more fluent! 1. Speaking English… Read More

How To Stay Motivated In English

It isn’t always easy to stay motivated when you study English, especially when English starts to get hard or complicated. You might begin to lose motivation if you compare yourself to others, or if you don’t get the results that you want. When you experience these difficult moments, it’s easy to give up and decide… Read More

How To Learn English On Your Own

Like many people, you might not have the time or opportunity to learn English with a teacher or in a class. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t learn English successfully. There are so many ways you can learn English on your own, but the secret is to know where to start and then, where… Read More