Summer English Intensive Course

In September this year, we had the first 3-day intensive English course in the UK!

Four students came over for English learning and full immersion in a small town on the English coast. It was a fantastic event, with lots of chances to speak English (from morning to night) and to experience life in the UK.

Read on for more details!

I live on the south coast of England, where you’ll hear English almost all of the time. This is ideal if you want to practise your English in shops, restaurants, train stations, pubs, and so on.

My town is also full of history, with a castle and fishing quarter to explore. It has some great restaurants and a lovely, green park, too!

The photo you see here is of the pier: a structure that goes into the sea. It’s a lovely place for a walk in the fresh sea air. (It also has live music in the summer.)

A small group is ideal on an intensive course. You get more 1-1 help and more speaking practice in a small group than in a large class. The lessons can be more spontaneous and personalised.

But discussions are lively and interesting because there are a few people to talk to. In fact, our discussions covered lots of different topics – and there was no time limit for them. Everybody got a chance to give their opinion and to listen to other people.

We had the lessons in my flat. This is the start of a pronunciation lesson!

We didn’t only have the lessons in my flat. We also took sandwiches one day to the park, and had a lesson there.

Changing the location of lessons is very positive, and it’s especially nice to learn in the open air. We had to guard our lunch against a couple of dogs and seagulls (sea birds) though!

We were lucky to have fabulous weather over the three days, so we could walk around and explore the town.

One of the great things about an intensive course in England is that you can also learn about the culture. This is a photo of us in a typical ‘fish and chips’ restaurant one evening.

My town has some excellent restaurants, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to actually try English food – which is very tasty!

It’s also very nice to have an informal chat over dinner. In fact, because we had English from morning to night, it was a fully intensive course.

The three-day intensive was a fantastic experience because my students were absolutely wonderful! I was really happy, too, that they enjoyed themselves and learnt new English.

Will I do this again?
Absolutely – yes! I’m already planning next year’s intensive course and want to extend it to five days to give even more English learning and include a few cultural activities. If you’re interested in coming to the UK next year, let me know! Just click the ‘contact’ button below.