English Culture

The Great British Summer

Do you want to know how we spend our summers? Read on for some great English vocabulary and phrases all about the summer hols. (= holidays) Words in bold have quick explanations to help you understand them. Summer Holiday Destinations Summer hols (= holidays) start at the end of July, when schools break up (=… Read More

2020 – English Words Of The Year

When you think about 2020, the words you associate with it are “challenging”, “difficult”, or even “unbelievable”. Most of us have never experienced such a year – and we probably never want another year like it again. There are some words that I associate with 2020 – words that I saw again and again. Some… Read More

English Christmas Phrases

We’re just a few more weeks before one of the biggest holidays in the year. Get ready for it with this list of common English Christmas phrases. These phrases are both cultural and language-related and you can see them in newspaper articles as well as hear them in conversations. Phrases with “Christmas” As you’d expect,… Read More

British Culture: What’s New?

2020 is a year of huge change in the world. It has changed our ways of working, studying – and also living. But 2020 has also changed our attitudes. What’s important now was perhaps less important before. Take a look at how 2020 has changed British culture! In this post, discover five things that have… Read More

10 Famous Movie Quotes

Sometimes, a “line” from a film becomes very popular and then everyone starts saying it. Here are ten famous film and movie quotes that have become “catchphrases” – phrases that you hear a lot in conversations. The quotes are from both classic (old) and newer films. Famous Movie Quotes Play it again, Sam. (Casablanca, 1942)In… Read More

Animals In British Culture

Animals represent different things in British culture, and we use them as symbols in advertising, films and television. Here’s a list of seven popular animals in British culture – and an explanation of what they mean to native speakers. The Easter Bunny “Bunny” is a popular word for “rabbit”, and we often say “bunny rabbit”… Read More

A Christmas Gift List For English Learners

Is someone important in your life learning English? Do you want to get them a good Christmas present? I’ve got seven ideas for you – a “Christmas gift list” for people learning English. You could also buy yourself one of these presents! (There’s an affiliate link to Amazon on these images and links. This means… Read More

7 Native English Phrases That Explain British Culture

There are some phrases in every language that tell you ALL you need to know about the culture! Here are some which can help you understand British English speakers. They all describe different characteristics. Pardon me! Alternatives to this phrase are “I beg your pardon” and “Excuse me”. We use these phrases mainly to be… Read More

Advanced Vocabulary: Gender

It’s very important to avoid gender-inequality (discrimination) when you speak English. So this means that you shouldn’t use words that imply that men are superior to women, or that only men can do certain jobs. This is especially important if your first language uses gender (masculine / feminine forms) to refer to jobs or people.… Read More

Funny Jokes In English

What makes people laugh? What do native English speakers find funny? Here are seven different types of funny English jokes. Don’t forget to read to the end, where you’ll find the joke that was voted the funniest in a survey of 36,000 people. There are also explanations to help you understand the joke! 1. Jokes… Read More