English Idioms

If you want to learn English you have to learn idioms – but they can be very confusing!

On each of these pages you’ll be able to learn English idioms, understand their meanings and see how they are used in English conversations and writing.

Try to learn only a few at a time – and check back often to help you remember them.

NEW: Christmas Idioms

30+ English Idioms with Numbers

Risk and Safety Idioms

Advanced English: Placeholder Names (Discover idioms like “Billy no-mates” or “Jack the lad” – super common in spoken English!)

English Idioms Of Emotion

Relationship Idioms

Love Idioms

Talking Idioms

Work Idioms

English Idioms Of Secrecy

Clothing Idioms

Body Idioms

Music Idioms In English

Colour Idioms

Food Idioms

Sport Idioms

Party Idioms

English Idioms Using Hot And Cold

English Idioms About Time

House Idioms In English

Idioms Of Change

Shape Idioms

Animal Idioms

Weather Idioms