Why You Should Learn English On Netflix

Netflix is perfect for learning English, with features that help you understand more easily.

But it also has other, ‘hidden’ advantages which you don’t get with television or cinema. These will help you get to an advanced English level in ways that you might not realise!

Read on for the six reasons why you should learn English on Netflix.

3 reasons why Netflix is better than television

I used to joke with my students that I was their only teacher who told them to watch more television instead of doing homework – but it’s still good advice… Watching films and TV series is great for your English.

It helps with listening and understanding, vocabulary and everyday English phrases – and it’s fun.

But Netflix is even more helpful than normal television. Here are three reasons why:

1. There’s a huge variety of things to watch
Documentaries, cartoons, full-length films, TV series, reality shows… You’ll always find something to watch.
As well as the featured films and shows, Netflix also has a huge library. You can browse by type of film and also search for a particular film, or even an actor’s name.

2. You can hear different accents
Netflix is international, and you’ll hear different varieties and accents of English. This is great if you want to improve your listening skills for a particular English accent.

3. It’s easier to understand
You can choose to add subtitles and you can change the speed settings. If you’re finding something difficult to understand, use these two features (or pause and replay) to help you understand better.

3 ‘hidden’ ways that Netflix takes you to advanced level

But Netflix helps you in other ways, as well. Here are some of the reasons that I believe Netflix is so useful.

1. It’s ‘addictive’
There’s a reason that Netflix is also called “Next-fix”, and that’s because it’s designed to make you watch again and again. For example, you can “binge-watch” (watch for hours) a favourite series. It will even automatically play the next episode in a series for you!
It knows what your preferences are, and will give you recommendations of things to watch based on your interests.
All this is useful for you, as it helps you create a watching habit. Netflix can become part of your daily life – which means that you can use and practise your English every day.

2. There’s always something new
New films, new TV series and new documentaries mean that you’ll always update your knowledge of English vocabulary and phrases. This is especially important in English – a language which is constantly expanding and developing.

3. It gives you something to talk about
Netflix doesn’t just offer Hollywood-style films and independently-made films – it also makes its own films and series. In fact, some “Netflix Originals” have even won industry awards, including Oscars. Netflix is often in the news, and you can find lots of articles on new Netflix productions.

If you’re a movie fan, keeping up-to-date with Netflix will always give you something to talk about with friends and family.

The Best Way To Understand Spoken English

It’s important to listen to as much English as you can, including both “scripted” English (news programmes, TED talks, etc) and unscripted English, such as natural conversations.

It’s also a good idea to listen to as many different varieties of English as you can so that you get practise listening to different accents.

A great place to do that is in the English Fluency Club, where you can meet people from all around the world, and practice speaking and listening in English.

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