Speaking Exercise: Complaining at a hotel

What can you say if you have a problem with your hotel room?

Here are some common problems, with suggestions for what to say to the hotel manager for each complaint.

You can also check out essential hotel vocabulary on our page on booking a hotel room.

Common problems

1. Your room / bathroom is dirty.

You can ask, ”Please could you send someone to clean it as soon as possible?”

2. The sheets are dirty / the bed isn’t made.

You can ask, ”Can you send someone to change the bed / change the linen, please?”

3. Your room is noisy.

You can ask, ”Is it possible to move to a quieter room, please?”

4. There’s a bad / unpleasant smell in the room.

You can ask, ”Could you move me to a non-smoking room, please?”

5. The key card doesn’t work.

You can ask, ”Can you replace it for me, please?”

6. A light bulb or light fitting is broken.

You can ask, ”Please can you send someone up to replace it?”

7. The air-conditioning is too cold.

You can ask, ”Can you tell me how to adjust the temperature, please?”

8. The batteries in the TV remote control are dead.

You can ask, ”Can you replace them, please?” (”I’m sorry to bother you” is another polite way to start a complaint.)”]

9. The wi-fi is slow.

You can ask, ”Is there a better one I can use?”

10. There’s a mistake with your bill.

You can say, ”Can you check this again for me, please?”

Complaining in a Hotel

Choose the correct answer.