News Sites For Learning English

It isn’t always easy to find free, reliable news sites in English.

Here are three independent news sites, where you can read about what’s happening, as well as learn English. In the first two, you can also watch videos and listen to podcasts, which will also help your listening comprehension.

Independent News Sites

The Guardian
Because it’s run by a trust, the Guardian is completely independent politically and commercially. It’s funded by its readers, although you can access it for free. You’ll find all the headlines and world news, as well as sports, lifestyle and culture sections. The Guardian often works with other newspapers and undercover journalists to publish the secrets of governments and large companies.

In terms of “politics”, the Guardian is liberal, rather than conservative.

For intermediate + level (the vocabulary can be quite advanced).


As the largest and oldest public service broadcaster, the BBC doesn’t need an introduction! As well as national TV and radio, it also runs the World Service (TV and radio) in more than 40 languages.

It’s a great source of headlines and news, and there are also additional services like Lingohack (video + vocabulary) and Six Minute English (listening + vocabulary) if you’re looking for learning activities based on current events.

For intermediate level and above.

CONFLICT IN UKRAINE UPDATE: If you’re trying to access the BBC from either Ukraine or Russia and you find that it is blocked, these links to a mirror site on the ‘dark web’ should still work:
BBC News in Ukrainian: https://www.bbcweb3hytmzhn5d532owbu6oqadra5z3ar726vq5kgwwn6aucdccrad.onion/ukrainian
BBC News in Russian: https://www.bbcweb3hytmzhn5d532owbu6oqadra5z3ar726vq5kgwwn6aucdccrad.onion/russian

Breaking News English
There are a variety of news articles on this site (headlines, culture, general interest, etc) written in seven different levels. This makes the site really helpful for all levels of English learners.

There are also speed reading and speed listening activities on the site, so you can improve your comprehension skills.

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