Your English Progress – A 5-Question ‘Success Sheet’

When you look at your English “journey”, can you see the progress you have made?

It can be quite difficult to see your improvements in English, so here is a 5-question ‘Success Sheet’. Your answers to these questions can show you that you’re doing really well with your English, and that you’ve had a great year!

1. What did you achieve this year?

Did you prepare for, take (and pass) an English exam or test this year? Exams are a useful way of finding out your level in English, and it can be very motivating to test your progress in this way.

Or perhaps you used your English to get a new job or promotion this year. Maybe your English helped you to start working on an interesting project, or to join an international team.

All these things can show you that your English is improving.

2. Did you see progress?

Some signs that you’re making progress are :
– you can do the same things as before in English, but faster (ie, writing typical work emails)
– you do things in English more accurately
– you understand more of what you read or hear, without really “trying”
– you can find the words you need more quickly
– you know more ways to say the same thing (your vocabulary is larger)
– you don’t need to translate so much

3. Did you feel more confident or relaxed?

This is a big sign that you’re making progress. Maybe you feel less worried about speaking in English – even on the telephone. English doesn’t feel so illogical or strange to you.

You don’t worry so much if you don’t understand every word of an article or a conversation, because often you understand enough to get the general meaning.

4. Did you accept mistakes better?

“Perfectionism” is the enemy of fluency! If you hesitate because you’re worried about making a mistake, you’ll miss the conversation – and chances to practise your English.

Mistakes are a good way to make progress, because they help you test new words or grammar. Remember, also, most people won’t hear or even remember your mistakes.

If you felt more relaxed about possible mistakes when you used English, this is a good sign that you’re taking opportunities to speak and write – which will make you less hesitant and more fluent.

5. Did you make English a more important part of your life?

Congratulations if you “did” more English this year! Perhaps you started an English course or you searched out sites to help you learn English by yourself.

Or maybe you started reading in English or decided to watch more English television or films.

Surrounding yourself with more English is a sure way to make progress. You don’t need to do it for hours every day. Even 10-15 minutes will help you to improve your level.

Give yourself the gift of English!

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