Advanced Ways To Talk About Your Goals

If you’ve set a personal or business goal for the year, how do you talk about it to other people?

You can say “This year I want to achieve…” or “I’m working on …” but there are also some more advanced ways to talk about your goals and intentions.

Check out these phrases for talking about the bad habits you want to change, the new goals you have – and phrases to talk about your determination to achieve your new goals.

Phrases to talk about bad habits

turn over a new leaf = become a different person
“He’s turned over a new leaf and is studying really hard at school.”

shed old habits = get rid of old habits (snakes “shed” their skins and grow new ones)
“It’s time to shed some of these old habits.”

pull my socks up = make an effort to improve and change old (bad) habits
“I’ll have to pull my socks up if I want to get a promotion this year.”

Phrases to talk about new goals

get stuck into (something) = start doing something and working hard on it
“This year I’m going to get stuck into my house renovation project.”

make (something) my number one priority = choose one thing to spend your time on
“I’m going to make career development my number one priority.”

make something of myself = become successful (in some way)
“It’s time to finally make something of myself. I’ve spent too long just drifting along in my life.”

chase my dream = be completely focussed on the one dream you have
“I want to chase my dream of becoming an actor.”

Phrases to talk about determination

put your best foot forward = start something with a lot of determination
“If you want to get into law school this year, you’ll have to put your best foot forward and pass those exams.”

not take no for an answer = keep on going, even when you get refusals or obstacles
“I’m going to keep applying for university. I’m not going to take no for an answer.”

go all out for = put all your energy into something
“They’re going all out for their company’s success this year.”

pull out all the stops = make a great effort
“I’ve pulled out all the stops to make the launch the best ever!”

give (something) all you’ve got = do everything you can to be successful
“I’m going to give this new project all I’ve got!”

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