English Phrases

English Fluency Phrases

Fluency phrases are fantastic for conversations. They’re little phrases that you can use to build your sentences, so that you sound natural. One of the great things about them is that they don’t change. All you need to do is add the details for the conversation. When you learn ONE fluency phrase, you can use… Read More

What English Native Speakers Really Mean

Native speakers don’t always say what they mean. Sometimes this is because they want to be polite, and sometimes it’s because they don’t want to admit that they’re wrong, or that they don’t know something. Instead of using a direct phrase, they say something that seems politer. Unfortunately, these phrases can be the opposite of… Read More

10 Phrases To Avoid Speaking

What can you say if you don’t want to join a conversation? Perhaps you don’t have anything to say, or you don’t want to give your opinion. Check out these phrases to avoid speaking in English! When you don’t want to add anything to the conversation Perhaps other people have already said everything you wanted… Read More

English Hesitating Phrases

What can you say when you forget a word, or when you don’t know how to continue a conversation in English? Instead of stopping, you can use one of these phrases. People will know that you still have something to say, so they will wait for you to continue speaking. These phrases will help your… Read More

7 Advanced Ways To Say Hello In English

When you meet people you know, you have many more ways of saying ‘hello’. Here are some common greetings which you can use in different situations. These phrases will make you sound more natural in English conversations. Advanced Ways To Say Hello How lovely to see you again!This is a great way to greet someone… Read More

English Speaking: Phrases With ‘Word’

In English, many words have more than one meaning. A great way to get to advanced level – in both your vocabulary and speaking – is to start using these words in their different ways. For example, there are many speaking phrases with “word”. You can use these phrases to talk about conversations and communication… Read More

Advanced Phrases – Replying To Greetings

When people ask us “How are you?” we often reply with a standard phrase like “Fine thanks, and you?” But what if you aren’t OK? What if you want to use a more advanced phrase when you reply to greetings? Here are ten other natural phrases to say how you are – plus a fun… Read More

Advanced Ways To Talk About Your Goals

If you’ve set a personal or business goal for the year, how do you talk about it to other people? You can say “This year I want to achieve…” or “I’m working on …” but there are also some more advanced ways to talk about your goals and intentions. Check out these phrases for talking… Read More

Advanced English: The New Normal

Everything has changed with Covid-19 (“Coronavirus”). Our habits, work life, school life are all different now. Nobody knows if these changes will be permanent, but one thing is sure. Our lives will never be the same again! There are phrases that we can use to compare our lives now and our lives before, and we… Read More

Advanced Phrases For Making Suggestions

You probably know the common ways to make suggestions or give advice. Check out this page for a refresher on how to use “If I were you”, “You should”, “You ought to”, etc. But native-English speakers use many more phrases for suggestions. Here are seven advanced phrases for you to try. There’s also a section… Read More