English In The Time Of Coronavirus

If you’re self-isolating at home, you probably feel a little bored and anxious. But there are ways to stay “sane” when the world is changing every second. In fact, there’s a lot you can do now, so that when we’re finally finished with the pandemic, you’ll be ready to face the world again!

Here are some of my favourite ways to turn this extra time into an advantage for your English.

Build your confidence with “quick wins”

Some people can “switch off” and focus 100% on other things at the moment – but many of us find this difficult. We’re distracted, worried and anxious.

So instead of long exercises and activities, think about things that you can improve quickly – things which are “quick wins”. You’ll be surprised at how small things can add up to huge progress in English.

For some “bite-sized” ideas to improve your English quickly and easily, look at:

5 Quick Grammar Fixes
3 Pronunciation Hacks

Keep it fun

The news is bad, so be kind to yourself. Do things that you enjoy… Netflix? Yes. YouTube? Why not? Other ideas: read a good book, listen to your favourite podcast, do anything that takes you out of this world. Life is already hard – fun English activities can be your escape for a while.

Try to find wordgames (like word searches) online – or even try crosswords. Here are two more great ideas for you:

– English songs (I love lyricstraining.com – listen to the song and type in the words of the songs)
– Play “Typeracer” – an international game in real time where you have to type the words you see and race other people (great for your spelling, vocabulary and competitive spirit!)

Involve your friends and family

We all know that community is the best way to stay connected – and to help our friends, families and neighbours. Why not set up a little Facebook group or WhatsApp group in English, so you can communicate with each other. For the technologically brave, you can even get a Zoom account to run conversation practice groups.

If you’re at home with children, take a look at their English homework with them. (The best way to learn something is to teach it!) Sit down and watch some English cartoons with them. If nothing else, they’ll make you smile – even if only for a minute. Or read them an English story – and not just at bedtime.

And, of course, connect with me and other people learning English. I’ve set up a free Facebook group with daily activities and lessons. You can join the group Perfect Your English here!

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