7 Advanced Ways To Say Hello In English

When you meet people you know, you have many more ways of saying ‘hello’.

Here are some common greetings which you can use in different situations. These phrases will make you sound more natural in English conversations.

Advanced Ways To Say Hello

How lovely to see you again!
This is a great way to greet someone that you know. You’d say it when you’re pleased to see the person. Perhaps you haven’t seen them for a while.

We meet again / Hello again!
You’d say this if you’ve recently talked to someone. Maybe you talked to them in a shop, then you go to another shop and see them again. You’ll probably only use these greetings with people you didn’t know before. The phrase “We meet again” is a more humorous way of saying “Hello again”.

Hello stranger
Use this way to say ‘hello’ with people you already know. When we say “Hello stranger”, the person isn’t in fact a stranger! It could be someone you know quite well, like a neighbour or friend.

When you’re surprised to see someone

You can use these phrases when you didn’t expect to see someone that you know.

What a coincidence – I was just thinking about you / talking about you
This is a great phrase to use when you see someone you’ve just mentioned to another person.

Well, fancy seeing you here!
Use this phrase when you didn’t expect to see someone – or (ironically) when you’re both in the same place. For example, if your company has sent you to a training centre, and then you meet one of your colleagues.

Well I never! It’s (name of person) isn’t it?
“Well I never!” is an expression of surprise. You can follow it with “It’s + person’s name + isn’t it”. Maybe you haven’t seen someone for a long time (which is why you’re checking their name) and you’re surprised to see them in a particular place. This expression is slightly old-fashioned.

Talk of the devil!
We use this expression when we’ve been talking about someone, and then we see them. In this case, “the devil” refers to the person. Only use this phrase with friends or people you know well.

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