12 Days Of English Christmas Activities

If you want to maintain your English over the holidays, these short activities are perfect! Each day you have a short reading, speaking, writing or listening activity that’s fun and achievable.

So here are 12 activities that help you get into the spirit of the holidays – while using your English. Each activity should take you less than 20 minutes. Some of them are even shorter!

12 Days Of English Christmas Activities

21 December
Watch an animated version of ‘A Christmas Carol’. You probably already know this famous story, written by Charles Dickens. In this animation, you see the story come to life through drawings.
A Christmas Carol

22 December
Help your children to write a letter to Santa Claus saying what they want for Christmas – or write one for yourself! (You’ll need to write a reply letter from Santa as well!) Alternatively, write a Christmas card in English.

23 December
Sing along to ‘Merry Christmas’ by the group Slade. This is perhaps the most famous of all Christmas songs, and it was a hit in 1973. Download the lyrics to help you sing along. (And enjoy watching the 1970s haircuts and clothes!)
Merry Christmas

24 December
Read the poem ‘Twas the night before Christmas’ to your children. (Or to yourself!)
This poem captures the excitement of Christmas Eve and your children will love it as a bedtime story.
The Night Before Christmas

25 December
Watch the Queen’s speech. This is an annual pre-recorded speech that the Queen makes every year. It’s broadcast on all major TV channels at 3pm (UK time) on Christmas Day. But you can also watch it on the Royal Family’s YouTube channel. Details and information here:
The Queen’s speech

26 December
Go for a long walk to burn off some of the Christmas calories! Research shows us that taking a break from studying and learning can help us to remember more.

27 December
Write a “thank you” letter in English for a gift you have received. For more help in writing thank you letters, see below:
Thank you letters

28 December
Prepare an English-style dessert with an English recipe. This is a fun activity that you can do alone, or with friends and family. Get a variety of recipes here:
Dessert recipes

29 December
Prepare two small talk conversation openers for a New Years party. A conversation opener can be a question or a comment that you make to start a conversation. Choose from easy subjects like the weather, the food at the party, or ask about the other person’s Christmas.

30 December
Plan a trip to London. Decide what you will visit every day of your trip with this customised travel itinerary:
London trip planner

31 December
Sing Auld Lang Syne to see in the New Year. This is a song we traditionally sing at New Year’s parties. This time, you can sing and act it with the cast of Downton Abbey:
Auld Lang Syne

I January 2022
Happy New Year! Your activity today is to write a list of your English goals for 2022. What areas of English do you want to work on? Are you planning to take an English exam? Is this the year that your English will help you get a new job or a promotion?

Then, think about how you can make these goals happen. It’s a good idea to write down what you want to achieve, separate big goals into smaller steps, then celebrate when you reach each step. Separating big goals into smaller steps will help you stay motivated so you’re more likely to reach your goals.

Make 2022 Your Year For Advanced English!

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