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How To Stay Motivated In English

It isn’t always easy to stay motivated when you study English, especially when English starts to get hard or complicated. You might begin to lose motivation if you compare yourself to others, or if you don’t get the results that you want. When you experience these difficult moments, it’s easy to give up and decide… Read More

How To Learn English On Your Own

Like many people, you might not have the time or opportunity to learn English with a teacher or in a class. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t learn English successfully. There are so many ways you can learn English on your own, but the secret is to know where to start and then, where… Read More

News Sites For Learning English

It isn’t always easy to find free, reliable news sites in English. Here are three independent news sites, where you can read about what’s happening, as well as learn English. In the first two, you can also watch videos and listen to podcasts, which will also help your listening comprehension. Independent News Sites The GuardianBecause… Read More

What’s New For 2022

I started 2022 thinking about you and your English. I tried to imagine how it feels to learn English, with all the stresses of a busy life. So I thought about how to help you more this year. How can I support you in your English goals so you can get results quickly and easily?… Read More

5 Ways To Improve Your English Writing

Writing is an important skill. You might need to write emails, reports, or even essays for exams. But for all types of writing, it’s important that what you write is clear and that your reader knows what to do next! These five tips will help you to improve your English writing in different ways, from… Read More

How To Use ‘Actually’ Correctly

You can use the word actually in many ways in English, but you can’t use it to mean “now”. The word actually doesn’t mean “currently” or “at present”. Instead, it’s used when we give information. Here are the five uses of actually, along with synonyms. How to use ‘actually’ 1. To talk about things which… Read More

My Top Choices For Netflix – January 2022

There’s always something new to enjoy on Netflix – whether it’s their own production or a classic added to their library. This month I’ve got three recommendations (one new, two old) which are perfect for learning and enjoying English. Netflix – January 2022 Stay Close (Netflix Original)I love a good mystery / thriller, and this… Read More

7 Advanced Ways To Say Hello In English

When you meet people you know, you have many more ways of saying ‘hello’. Here are some common greetings which you can use in different situations. These phrases will make you sound more natural in English conversations. Advanced Ways To Say Hello How lovely to see you again!This is a great way to greet someone… Read More

Welcome 2022!

Happy New Year to you! I hope you’ve had a great holiday and that you’re feeling refreshed and excited for what 2022 will bring you. It’s been a difficult couple of years for all of us. The fact that you’re still here is cause for celebration! Just coming to this page to learn English when… Read More

12 Days Of English Christmas Activities

If you want to maintain your English over the holidays, these short activities are perfect! Each day you have a short reading, speaking, writing or listening activity that’s fun and achievable. So here are 12 activities that help you get into the spirit of the holidays – while using your English. Each activity should take… Read More