3 Reasons Why Phrasal Verbs Are Important

Most people try to avoid phrasal verbs. They can be difficult to learn or understand, and there are so many of them! But phrasal verbs really improve your English, and when you use them, you’ll automatically sound more natural and more advanced. Here are three reasons why they’re so important for you to understand and… Read More

10 Phrases To Avoid Speaking

What can you say if you don’t want to join a conversation? Perhaps you don’t have anything to say, or you don’t want to give your opinion. Check out these phrases to avoid speaking in English! When you don’t want to add anything to the conversation Perhaps other people have already said everything you wanted… Read More

June 2022 ‘Learn English Together 2022’

Come to a three-day English fluency event! It takes place online, and you can also get gifts and bonuses to help you with your English speaking and conversation. Read on… Discover your path to English fluency If you’ve felt ‘stuck’ with English, ‘Learn English Together’ will help you. You’ll get:– ways to improve your English–… Read More

English Hesitating Phrases

What can you say when you forget a word, or when you don’t know how to continue a conversation in English? Instead of stopping, you can use one of these phrases. People will know that you still have something to say, so they will wait for you to continue speaking. These phrases will help your… Read More

5 Signs You Are Fluent In English

Fluency is difficult to define, because it means different things to different people. But there are some things that show you when you’re becoming more fluent in English. Here are five signs that your spoken English is improving. If they’re true for you, then you know that you’re definitely getting more fluent! 1. Speaking English… Read More

How Poetry And Singing Improve Your Pronunciation

Two fun ways to improve your English pronunciation are poetry and singing. They work because you improve your pronunciation while you’re doing something else. Both these methods will help you train your voice in different ways, and will help you become more aware of the sounds of English. How Poetry Helps Your Pronunciation Poetry is… Read More