3 ‘Myths’ About English Grammar

If you find English grammar stressful, or if you’re worried that your grammar stops you from being fluent in English, this post is for you. Discover the three myths about English grammar (“myth” = wrong belief) and how you can improve your grammar and confidence in English. Myth #1. English grammar never ends In fact,… Read More

Collocations With Fast

There are many situations when you can use “fast” in English. Which of these collocations and expressions with “fast” do you use? Learning tip: Try to use some new collocations with “fast” in your own sentences so that you can remember them more easily. Common Collocations With ‘Fast’ Here are some typical collocations with fast:… Read More

How To Remember English

How easy is it for you to remember new English words or grammar easily? Most people find it difficult to remember every new thing, but there are strategies which will help you remember English more automatically. Read on for some things that you can do! How we remember new things What we remember depends on… Read More

Why Listening In English Is Difficult

If you can’t understand what people say, it’s difficult to reply to people, or to take part in conversations. Listening in English can be particularly difficult because of some of the pronunciation and vocabulary features of English. These can cause misunderstandings (when you believe you understand something, but you don’t) and confusion (you don’t understand… Read More

Why You Should Learn English On Netflix

Netflix is perfect for learning English, with features that help you understand more easily. But it also has other, ‘hidden’ advantages which you don’t get with television or cinema. These will help you get to an advanced English level in ways that you might not realise! Read on for the six reasons why you should… Read More

Are You Fluent In English?

What does it mean to be fluent in English? How do you know if YOU can speak English fluently? First of all, English fluency isn’t an exact or precise thing. But there are ways to decide if you are more, or less fluent. Here are seven things that you can do when you are fluent.… Read More

Confidence And Mindset

To speak English fluently, you first need the confidence to speak. If you aren’t confident, it’s more difficult to speak regularly or try new words and phrases. (These are really important if you want to make progress in your English speaking!) The way to become more confident is to change your mindset (= beliefs). Here… Read More

30+ English Idioms With Numbers

Here are more than thirty common English idioms with numbers. You’ll hear these idioms in conversations, and also see them in newspapers, blog posts and advertising. Make a note of any idioms that you have never seen before (or for which there isn’t a translation in your language). English idioms – One be one step… Read More

3 Easy But Elegant English Speaking Tips

There are some simple ways that you can add interest and impact to your English. I call these “easy but elegant” because you don’t need to learn a lot of complicated English to use the tips. Here are three ways to sound advanced (without the hours of study!) Add ‘drama’ to your voice We focus… Read More